Superior Scribes


Beers with Peers at the Jones's, August 2010

A good time had by all--an informal get-together at Marianne and Reg Jones's house on One Island Lake (we're not ALL business!)


At the meeting of April 28, 2010, members of Superior Scribes chose to change our membership qualifications. Whereas before, one had to be a member of PWAC (Professional Writers Association of Canada) to be a member of Superior Scribes, this stipulation has officially been removed by a unanimous vote. Future discussions will determine membership requirements for Superior Scribes, but for now, membership in PWAC is no longer a prerequisite. Scribes who are still members of PWAC  may so state on their personal Superior Scribes pages.

Superior Scribes member Ron Chepesiuk
       joins us from south of the Medicine Line:

A sunny NW Ontario day, a backyard barbecue, and Superior Scribes gather. Ron Chepesiuk visited from his home in the United States, and a good time was had by all.

Julie Watson in Thunder Bay!

Julie V. Watson, PWAC member, writer, book producer, and creative cook of Prince Edward Island, visited Superior Scribes here in Thunder Bay, a far cry from the Maritimes. We hosted her at Maggie Chicoine's on a warm and overcast evening, where, over libations and barbecued food (yet another good reason to join PWAC!), she shared insights about her publishing ventures and enterprises down east.

To see the shindig, and witness Julie's initiation in the Arcane and Grand Rite of Persian Sampling, go here.

Author/Journalist Nate Hendley in Thunder Bay

Nate Hendley presents seminar on writing, and is feted by Superior Scribes.

Nate, who is Ontario Regional Director for the Professional Writers of Canada, offered a fine workshop on writing and the business of writing. He was also billeted at PWAC member Marianne Jones's house by One Island Lake, where he was exposed to such Northwestern Ontario cultural icons as Persians and Nipigon Nylons. He survived his stay, and in fact enjoyed himself immensely!