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William Hryb

  William Hryb is a freelance journalist and member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) and Superior Scribes, a professional Thunder Bay writer's guild. He is a contributing writer to CANADIAN SAILINGS / TRANSPORTATION & TRADE LOGISTICS, magazine Montreal; BAYVIEW, Thunder Bay; CRUISE SHIP NORTH AMERICA, Montreal; ON THE LEVEL, Ottawa - Washington; and the UKRAINIAN WEEKLY , New Jersey.

Mr. Hryb is the former general manager of Lakehead Shipping Company Limited at the Port of Thunder Bay. He began his career in the marine industry in 1975. Under his management the shipping agency was responsible in providing representation to a world-wide network of ship owners/operators, shippers/charterers from a broad range of agricultural, mining and special project cargo sectors.

In his many years of association with commercial navigation interests, he has attended over 2,600 ocean ships and nearly 1,000 Great Lakes vessel carriers in his career. After more than 34 years with the shipping agency he took leave from the company at the end of December 2009, to pursue other interests.

Mr. Hryb was born in Oberlahnstein, Germany, emigrating to Canada with his parents and brother in 1949. Ukrainian by heritage he attended local schools studying Communication Arts and majoring in Broadcast Journalism. He travelled extensively throughout South America in 1973/74 as freelance journalist after completing his studies.

Mr. Hryb was appointed by the International Joint Commission (IJC) in 2007 to the Public Information Advisory Group (PIAG) for the International Upper Great Lakes study (IUGLS) . The members of PIAG are comprised of 20 American and Canadian individuals representing diverse groups having interest in water level issues in the Great Lakes system. His term runs through 2012.

The upper Great Lakes are the focus of a five-year bi-national study with PIAG responsible for providing advice and support in the development and implementation of the IUGLS Study Board's public information and engagement activities.

Mr. Hryb represents the commercial navigation interests for the study on the Canadian side. He is associated with the 'Shipping Federation of Canada' in Montreal who represent over 90% of ocean-going vessels (international cruise and cargo ) trading to and from ports in Atlantic Canada, the St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes.

Mr. Hryb is married to Lee, a Registered Nurse. They have three children Kathryn, Christeanne, and David.

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