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Marianne Jones

Marianne Jones’s work includes an eclectic range of journalism, fiction, award-winning poetry and drama. She has written for Reader’s Digest, Canadian Living, The Globe & Mail, Airlines, Wawatay News and a range of literary and denominational publications. She has a special interest in profiles and First Nations people and issues, and enjoys writing and producing drama for nonprofit groups.    Currently, with the help of the Ontario Arts Council, Marianne is working on a full-length collection of poetry to follow her first chapbook, Highway 17.  She has also written a fantasy novel for young readers, The Land of Mogan, and a murder mystery (set in Thunder Bay.)

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Highway 17

Eden II Press

“Jones has given the reader poems that enshrine personal experiences in a familiar landscape…It takes a poet to give us a way of seeing for ourselves. In the title poem there is a line about traveling through rock cuts on the highway: ‘We sail through narrow channels of Precambrian rock’…It sums up the feeling of being in a tiny vessel, looking up at an ancient and overwhelming landscape.” Reviewer Linda Turk, The Chronicle-Journal.

“Jones uses imagery in a vivid and compelling way: in ‘Daylight Saving,’ ‘clock measures off seconds/like a miser counting pennies; in ‘Highway 17,’ ‘Blueberries watch silently,’ in ‘Water World,’ Jones sees tadpoles with ‘soft black bodies like commas.’…It is necessary to read through the 26 poems…to appreciate how far the poet has traveled…there’s no doubt she has experienced both joy and reconciliation.” Reviewer Debra Fieguth, Christian Week.

Now available!

   from The Land of Mogan                        Eden II Press, 119 pages, illustrated by Laura Karelse

        Shalikka knew she had to look after her younger sister Kainee. With both parents dead, all that the two sisters had was each other. But when Kainee was kidnapped by two raiders from the land of Mogan across the Impassible Mountains, would Shalikka get there in time to rescue her? And what strange things awaited her there?

Here, on the Ground

Marianne's newest poetry collection, Here, on the Ground, is available from Eden II Press and will be in a bookstore near you very soon.

"Fresh, sharp, witty and unpretentious. Her ability to draw me into the universal by posing the particulars is very subtle and competent."  --John Flood, poet, editor, publisher Penumbra Press

"From this solid sequence, the lines I will especially remember come from the delicate lyric poem 'October'...beautiful."
--Steven Heighton, winner of the Lampert award and Petra Kenny Prize for Poetry