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It's here! Lady Luck Smiles Only Once

The much-anticipated sequel to The Demon Dragonfly & the Burning Wheel brings back the shady Laurence Speke, the wry Detective Sergeant Graham, the staunch Tobias and Old Micah (in a most unexpected way!), plus new characters--some dastardly villains (and a villainess!), and a redoubtable heroine who turns Speke's world upside down!

Lady Luck Smiles Only Once is now available from the publisher, and will be in a book store near you soon (August, 2010)

Peter Fergus-Moore

Peter Fergus-Moore hails originally from London, Ontario, but is now a confirmed Northwesterner. His writing embraces both journalism (300+ articles in the Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal and Winnipeg Free Press), magazine writing (Lake Superior Magazine, The Lazy Writer, and Schroedinger’s Cat), and now fiction, with his debut novella, The Demon Dragonfly & the Burning Wheel.

In his working life, he has sorted mail, been a shop steward, acted as a lay minister, taught adult literacy both online and in the classroom, and of course, written and published. Peter is also the proprietor of Eolipile Publications, which handles not only his prose but his photography, poetry and songwriting.

He writes an ongoing column on spirituality matters in Thunder Bay Seniors (The Heart of the Matter), and acts as freelance editor and consultant for Ningwakwe Learning Press, an Aboriginally-owned and operated publishing house in Saugeen First Nation, southern Ontario.

Peter writes: “Writing is first and foremost sharing—a story, information, an insight, an opinion. As such, it must be clear, concise, to the point. Respect for the reader is vitally important in writing. A reader ought to be able to say, after reading a piece of writing, that they have been somewhere, learned something new, that they have been challenged and enlarged as human beings. Having had some fun is not a bad idea, either.”
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Imagine a spy thriller set in vintage Port Arthur, Ontario! 1936, the Great Depression, desperate times. For small-time gumshoe, hood and hardened World War I veteran Laurence Speke, times couldn't get any worse. His friend Gimpy Laine is found murdered in Speke's shoddy office, and then Speke himself is viciously attacked and left for dead. He knew it was the work of someone "not from around here". Someone who knew more about him than he knew himself!Who wants him dead? And why? The answers Speke is looking for could change the course of history!

In Progress: The Heart of the Matter: Adventures in Spirituality

When he is not writing thriller/spy/noir fiction, Peter is a regular columnist on spirituality with Thunder Bay Seniors. Peter shares his discoveries of spirituality emerging in unexpected and unsought ways, in a number of religious traditions, and most of all, in everyday life. Here is a collection of the "best of" the Heart of the Matter: Adventures in Spirituality.

Watch for The Heart of the Matter in October, 2011.